5 Of The Most Used PWA’s

If you read our latest blog you were introduced to Progressive Web Apps also known as PWA’s. Here are 5 of our favorite PWA examples which most people didn’t know were PWAs, but were serving the best user experience for it’s users and increased SEO traffic.

The usage of mobile apps has not made shoppers stop using the web. When the top features of native apps and mobile website a progressive web app happens. Basically, we can say that a progressive web app is a website that has features such as speed, performance, responsiveness and works just perfect in mobile devices. Additionally, submitting your PWA to play store or Appstore is not required.

Uber – Uber, which is known for its user friendly mobile app, is also extremely used via desktop and web browsers. Uber decided to make the website or the Uber Progrsssive Web App (PWA), just as much of a priority as the mobile app.

Starbucks – Starbucks, which is a famous coffee chain house has built a progressive web app to make sure the users get access even when they are offline. Features such as browsing the menu, order customization, and cart management are now possible in Starbucks, even when they are offline.

Starbucks has witnessed the doubling of their website users just as mobile app users.

Forbes – Forbes, the American business magazine features articles on finance, marketing, investment, technology and more. At the early stages of Forbes PWA beta testing, it was monitored that the power users are now spending double their time. And the casual users are engaged 3 times more than before.

The Forbes PWA comprises of mobile app features including push notification to re-engage the users.

Pinterest – Pinterest is one among the trending apps that allow users to save images, where it’s more like bookmarking images that are clickable.

With Progressive web apps, Pinterest has raised its conversion rates. With just websites, the conversion rates where 1%, as the number of visitors signing up was was very low. And so does the website speed of the website.

Tinder – Tinder has recently launched its progressive web app- Tinder Online. It was with an intention to move forward with the latest market trends that the team ended up building a tinder PWA.

The app has a tremendous decrease in its size when compared to a native tinder app. Techniques such as JavaScript performance optimization and Services workers are

The Tinder app is implemented using techniques such as JavaScript performance optimization and Services workers. Tinder PWA has push notifications for For engaging the users with chat.

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