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Versl Workshop: Create Your Own Mobile Branded App Today | Powered By Versl

The time has officially arrived for YOU to be able to create your very own mobile branded app #PoweredByVersl. Monetize your platform, control your content, and control your universe. Create your app TODAY with Versl. So, what is Versl? Versl … Read More

Versl Brings On Chad “BC” Newton as Director of Artist/Label Relations & Partnerships

This has been a huge week for the Versl team as this past Tuesday we announced our official partnership with DJ Kayotik, one of the premiere DJs in Texas. Today, we return with a second announcement that we believe will … Read More

Versl Gets Kayotik

In a huge move, two amazing entities have decided to collaborate in what seems like a “Why hadn’t this already happened?” move. Today, Versl announces their newest Official Versl Influencer, DJ Kayotik. From spinning at nightclubs to his work in … Read More

MyVersl: How Hip-Hop Inspired Tech Entrepreneur Daniel Markland to Create the Versl Platform

Daniel Markland fell in love with hip-hop when he was eight years old. Every music lover remembers their first album, and his was LL Cool J’s “Bigger and Deffer” and Run DMC’s “Raising Hell.” He was fascinated with the technical … Read More