Get Inside Your Customer’s Pocket

How to get fans to your website is a huge challenge many brands face. This challenge is causing many to question which is more beneficial having a Mobile App or a Website.

With desktop computer usage on the decline, smartphones simply offer greater flexibly and features for busy brand owners.

What does this mobile shift  mean for your brand?

Consider this…

Currently, to view your website, your fans have to turn on their computer or consciously remember to visit your website on their smartphone.

Eh…that’s not happening as much. Here’s why.

In reality, most peeps visit a website after a prompt via social media, email marketing, a recommendation from a friend, or an advert.

With the average consumer seeing 5,000+ ad messages per day, they can go weeks or months without visiting your website (or forget about you completely).

Also, there is only so much you can offer users through a mobile website given its platform. Usually, the entire site is static as it needs to cater for both mobile and desktop users.

Often times, website buttons may be way too small to click or the Internet connection may move at school zone speed, increasing the time it takes for users to complete an action.

Furthermore, the latest research shows that if a page takes four or more seconds to load, 25% of traffic will leave before the page has loaded.

Aint’ nobody got time for that!

Increasingly brands are starting to realize that they must have a strategic mobile marketing plan to really engage followers longterm.

According to a 2018 study by eMarketer, consumer time is on the rise on mobile while time spent with all other media is decreasing.

Source: Emarketer

By placing your mobile app on consumers home screen, your fans will have a constant reminder to engage with your brand!

Even when users are not actively using your mobile app, your fans are still reminded of your brand on the daily.

Here’s why…

Your app icon acts as a brand beacon and serves as a constant advertisement for your brand on their homescreen. This is amazing chance for highly targeted marketing and engagement.

You can’t beat that real estate!

Simply put, custom mobile apps are created with the full mobile experience in mind.

Did You Know…

The average millennial checks their phone 157 times per day- that’s 157 opportunities you have to truly engage with your audience and deliver a completely customizable experience.

Cha Ching! No fighting algorithms over here.

Another added benefit of being in your customer’s pocket is that you can send push notifications at the click of a button!

Did you just release a new blog post?

Are you running a sale or hosting a pop up day party?

By having your very own custom mobile app, you can send broadcast messages to your mobile app users and receive a much higher engagement rate than an email or social media ads.

With the Geofencing & Beacon technology in our platform, you are able to identify the location of your fans to provide geography-specific content such as special promos or deals in their location.

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