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Versl has made it extremely simple and cost effective for YOUR business to have their very own mobile branded app! Upload your content, release your creative projects, share your events, reach your audience directly without any algorithms, sell merch and tickets, plus so much more!

Versl Standard
Launch your own branded mobile app
$99/mo (+$1499/setup)
  • Native iOS & Android Apps (mobile)
  • Progressive Web App (web)
  • Send push notifications
  • Shopify integration
  • Spotify integration
  • Sell your video content via subscription
  • Control app layout and content via admin panel
  • Powerful analytics
Versl Pro
We do everything for you
$249/mo (+$1499/setup)
  • EVERYTHING in Versl Standard
  • Native iOS & Android Apps (mobile)
  • Progressive Web App (web)
  • We setup and manage your Apple Developer Account
  • We setup and manage your Google Play Account
  • We setup and manage your Google Firebase Account
  • Our content team manages your app
  • Priority support

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about our platform and service.

Versl was created to be the turnkey solution that allows you to launch and manage a professional branded mobile app without the need of a developer. We’re like Wix® or WordPress® for mobile apps.

So you can have direct access to your brand’s followers 24/7 and monetize your audience.

We took what was once expensive and time consuming and made it simple. No longer are the days of spending thousands of dollars and time waiting on a developer. With Versl, we provide you with the tools to engage your following without fighting algorithms.

No. Think of our platform as the tool used to present your brand/business’ content to your followers. We have an app shell and you can customize what we have built utilizing the shell. At the current moment, we do not build 100% custom apps however if you have a specific feature you would like, tell us about it as we would love to hear your feedback.

Versl gives you access to your own private mobile channel. Our platform gives you the ability to:
  • Send sponsored Push Notifications
  • Sell video/content subscriptions
  • Sell analytics and data for further remarketing
  • Sell your merchandise with our Shopify integration

Yes, your data is your own, this is why we require you to create your own Google Firebase account. Instructions can be found  on our knowledge base.

One-time set up fee of $999 and a monthly $99 subscription gives you access to your Native iOS and Android app. You get access your progressive web app and all updates to the platform.

Yes, you will need your own Apple and Google Developer accounts. Visit our knowledge base for help on how to set up.

We have over 30 years experience in programming and our development team utilizes the best of iOS, Android and Microsoft technology to deliver over the air or App Store updates for you. Most of the time, we know something doesn’t work right before you do. If there is a loose screw, we will tighten it before you even realize it.

With our proprietary technology, we can have a Progressive Web App available for you to load content in within minutes. In order to get your app into the iOS and Google Play stores is dependent upon the store approval requirements (our experience has been 1-3 weeks) we help you through the whole process.

If this happens we can assist. The first thing to look at in a rejection is the reason. Versl apps have been reviewed and approved for both App Stores, so any rejection would be content related. We will work with you to help get your app approved.

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