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An app shell is the skeleton of your custom mobile app. Your app shell will be available as soon as your app store account access is enabled. You will need to install test flight to your iOS device.

Install TestFlight to your device.

TestFlight Beta Testing allows you to distribute your beta builds to up to 25 trusted internal users or up to 10,000 external testers per app before you make it available on the App Store. Testers use the TestFlight app to install beta builds on their iOS devices, allowing you to collect feedback on the features and functionality of your app. For an overview of the feature, see TestFlight Beta Testing.

Once your app has been submitted for Beta Testing, you will get an email from no_reply@email.apple.com  with the Subject ___ has invited you to test *app name* . Open the email and click View in TestFlight.  Open TestFlight, tap Redeem, go to the TestFlight app on your device and enter the Redemption Code as shown on the email. You know have the Beta App on your iOS device.

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