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We empower brands with superior mobile marketing technology to engage fans and drive revenue.

The Versl Mission

Versl is a mobile app development platform that puts the user first.

We work with brands who have been locked out of the mobile app development game, based on cost and other barriers, to create their very own custom mobile app.

Your Story. Your Way.

We made it possible for anyone to launch their very own custom mobile app.

Versl offers an efficient & budget-friendly solution that allows users to deliver a quality mobile app experience for their audiences.

From push notifications to booking gigs or even selling merchandise, your mobile app is the perfect way to engage your fans!

Who We Are

Versl is the synergy of my two passions: music x software solutions.

So, here’s the story.

I taught myself how to program when I was 15 years old and grew up djing and making beats. I’ve always had a parallel career in the music business but decided to focus on software development and corporate consulting.

About 4 years ago, I began toying with the idea of restarting my dj career and wanted to create an app to brand myself. I was testing a new mobile tech stack and as I started putting the app together, I realized that I could build something for everyone.

All of my music friends had the same problem – limited access to mobile apps and marketing tech.

Fast forward a few years and a couple of prototypes, I setup a meeting with DJ Phife (CORE/Dallas) to figure out how to leverage the framework that I had already built to better meet the needs of DJ’s.

Joined by Ray Salinas, a seasoned entrepreneur, investor and advisor, we formed Apps For DJ’s in early May 2018.

The idea was simple. Finish building out the platform that I had started and help artists maximize their brand reach!

Go West

Our first stop was San Diego. When you start any business, you need market validation. We decided to meet with our friends at BPM Supreme to get their valued feedback on our plan.

We originally called the company Apps For DJ’s. We set out to make a really fresh app platform…just for dj’s.

Niche down they said, right?

That worked until we found a really dope unsigned rapper from our hometown of Dallas – Flexinfab. We were like – let’s make him an app too!!

We saw a need in the music industry, for artists and djs alike to have access to an affordable custom mobile app that didn’t take months to launch.

A slide from one of our early decks showing our beta apps off.

Circling back with our friends at BPM Supreme, we started working with their team on our rebranding and Versl was officially born.

Our original logo vs BPM Supreme’s amazing work.

The Versl Family

As time passed, it was obvious that we needed more hands on deck and decided to add to the Versl family!

Joined by a seasoned Digital Marketing Guru, Kim Chapman a Music Industry Genius specializing in Client Experience & Platform Onboarding, DJ Elusive, and a host of well known experts and influencers, including BC Newton, DJ Trill, and DJ ASAP to test the product, we were ready rock the mobile app development market.

In late October, we held our official launch event to showcase our and concept and introduce our team to Dallas Influencers and Tastemakers.

The feedback was amazing, but the demand for a custom branded mobile app was way higher than we anticipated or planned for.

Our team went back to work and focused on refining our platform with the help of our internal team of dj’s and creatives.

With input from the team, the Versl product has become 10X better than what we had ever imagined. We’re really excited about what we’ve been working on and look forward to sharing very, very soon.

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