What are Progressive Web Apps?

I’m sure many of you are wondering, seriously, what is a Progressive Web App (PWA)? Let us explain.

Progressive web apps are websites that look and feel like an app. This means users can access all information and capabilities without downloading a mobile app. (We know some of ya’ll hate to download apps or don’t have the space.) Instead, progressive web apps use modern web technology to deliver app-like experiences to users, right in their browsers. 

According to some business insiders, it’s been said that PWA’s might replace native apps in the near future for the following reasons. With PWA’s you don’t need to go to an App Store to download PWA. … It takes you less time, money and effort to build a PWA. First hand, we’ve seen the process of getting an app approved for the app store, so if you’re looking a faster and less inexpensive route to build an app, PWA’s might be the solution for you.

Here are 5 apps we bet you didn’t know were PWA’s: Uber, Pinterest, Trivago, Starbucks, and Forbes.

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