Name: Brandon Moore

Instagram: @mooreindallas

#VerslVibes, is a new weekly Spotify playlist to vibe to. The musical selections are curated by our community of DJs, entrepreneurs, influencers, artists and creatives.

Brandon Moore is a Dallas based entrepreneur, blogger, influencer and social media consultant who turned his passion into his paycheck. He’s the founder of Dallas blog, MooreInDallas.com, Need Moore Digital Consulting, and the uber popular slack group “You In Dallas.” Due to the lack of community structure Brandon was looking for in one place when he moved to Dallas summer 2017, he decided to create the community himself two years later. “I launched You in Dallas in May 2019. In less than a month, I’ve amassed almost sixteen-hundred young, predominately black millennials into one workspace. They use this space to network, make friends and even date. The engagement with this community has been amazing and has boosted my highly engaged following on Instagram,” he says.

We reached out to Brandon to curate our 10th installment of #VerslVibes. As a creator on-the-go, we were curious to what music Brandon vibes to and what music inspires him to create for others and himself. Press play below to listen to Brandon Moore’s #VerslVibes playlist.

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