Name: Ray Salinas

Instagram: @ray_salinas81

This week’s #VerslVibes is extremely special. We tapped our COO, Ray Salinas to curate the 12th installment of our Versl Vibes playlist. Ray is a McKinney based entrepreneur and investor who chalks up his success to discipline. In a recent interview Ray quoted Jocko Willink, “Discipline equals freedom,” which he bases his lifestyle on if you want to be financially free, mentally free, and live an overall life of freedom. We breifly chatted with Ray to get insight on why he choose these 10 songs specifically for our Versl Vibes playlist.

“Started this playlist with one of my all-time favorite songs … “If I Had No Loot” by Tony! Toni! Toné! Love this song because it takes me back to a much simpler time, and it’s very apropos to where I find myself in life today,” he says. “From there I get more into the music I listen to on the daily now. I’ve recently taken up salsa dancing yet still have love for Hip-Hop. The fusion of the two is my sweet spot. I love music that has a good salsa dancing beat that can also be motivating at the gym when the intensity of the workout needs to turned up. I’ve listed a few of my favorites culminating with “Yo No Se Manana” by Luis Enrique (which is my favorite Latin American song).”

I’ve become very aware of the various forms of content I consume on a daily basis. Music is the most abundant form of content I consume because I like to have music playing at almost all times (even if it’s just playing low in the background). For that reason I’m intentional about listening to music that gives off positive vibes only. Music that perpetuates good energy, life, and love. Faith has become the foundation of my life, so I’ve concluded my playlist with a couple of my favorite Praise and Worship songs. I have found that even when I’m having a bad day, if I can make my emotional and spiritual state of mind less about me and my situation … and just get lost in worship the entire dynamic of my attitude and mood shift to a much more positive / peaceful place.

These are my Versl Vibes…

Press play below to check our latest playlist exclusively on Spotify.

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