Versl Voices: Roman Malvaiz – Hennessy Brand Ambassador & Marketing Strategist

Instagram: @big_rrome

Marine Corp Veteran, Marketing Strategist, and Hennessy Brand Ambassador are three titles Roman Malvaiz possesses daily. With over 6+ years in marketing, Roman has not only built a name for himself, but has embedded the Hennessy brand into the Dallas culture through events, content, and strategic partnerships. In 2018, Roman was awarded “Influencer of the Year” at the 2018 COSIGN Awards which is a testament to his value and influence in the community.

Our goal with #VerslVoices is to build a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate tech and culture and can benefit from the Versl platform. Our software can be utilized in any industry by any individual and we want to give our audience a voice to share how they got into their industry and the synergy between them as an individual and the Versl platform.

1.) When did you know that you had influence in your community and how do you use marketing to influence people?

I knew I had influence in my community when I was able to put together parties as a promoter and actually get people to attend my parties. I have transferred that expertise into my current role as the Hennessy Brand Ambassador for Dallas. I use marketing everyday to promote not only Hennessy but my personal brand as well. 

2.)What does entrepreneurship mean for you? What is it that appeals to you?

Entrepreneurship to me means, being versatile and being able to represent yourself and your products into others. It’s appealing because you are your own brand and if you can sell yourself then you can provide a service to anyone.

3.) At Versl, our mobile app platform allows inlfuencers, entrepreneurs, creators to launch their OWN branded mobile app!! Control your content, streamline revenue, and get powerful analytics on your fan base and engagement. We use the best of Apple, Google and Microsoft technology to deliver amazing native mobile experiences for your fans. After reading this, how would Versl benefit you?

Versl can benefit me by reaching a larger audience that hasn’t been tapped into. That’s huge when it come to growth and driving revenue. 

4.) Some of the benefits of utilizing the Versl platform is that you can send push notifications, sell merch directly through your app, own your content, track analytics, and geofencing and beacons. In your industry which of these features excites you the most and why?

Tracking analytics because I do that every week for Hennessy. It’s important to see whom you’re reaching and what your ROI looks like in the market. 

5.) Last but not least, how has technology changed your life?

We live in such a fast paced world nowadays and it all stems from technology. Technology has given so many people the opportunity to go into business for themselves and that’s what it has done for me as well.

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