Versl Workshop: Create Your Own Mobile Branded App Today | Powered By Versl

The time has officially arrived for YOU to be able to create your very own mobile branded app #PoweredByVersl. Monetize your platform, control your content, and control your universe. Create your app TODAY with Versl.

So, what is Versl?

Versl was created to be the turnkey solution that allows you to launch and manage a professional branded mobile app without the need of a developer. Having direct access to your following, without a middleman, is key to engaging and monetizing your community. The big problem most of us face is our content is spread across too many platforms, and social media controls and filters our reach. Branded mobile apps are a great solution, but expensive, time consuming, and complicated to launch. All of that is about to change…

At Versl, we understand that trusting people in the mobile tech/developer space is a risky proposition. Choosing the wrong tech solution will cost you money, time, and most likely damage your reputation. Versl offers a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use app platform that allows you to directly connect with your target market and valuable analytics. We believe you should have access to the same technology and tools as large corporations and you deserve direct access to the following that you’ve built, without any filters or algorithms to fight. We believe you should be able to control your universe.

Here’s how to start: Join our Dallas workshop on Saturday, August 24th at Radio One Dallas from 9am to 5pm and walk out with your very own mobile app the same day. Spots are limited to only 10 seats so act fast. Lunch will be provided.

Our goal with this workshop is to walk you through the entire app process step by step from creating content for your app, ways to monetize your app, content marketing, building your community, the benefits of having a mobile app, app features, how to extract data, utilize powerful analytics, and turn your mobile platform into an alternative marketing channel.

This workshop is FREE with one-time purchase of your app which includes app set up fee and installation. Monthly app subscription will be deferred 30 days after completion of app set up and workshop.

Attend Workshop AND create your mobile branded app #PoweredByVersl:

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