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Create your very own branded mobile app and learn how to monetize your new marketing channel from our executive team, with over 50 years of tech, media, and marketing experience.

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Creating Your Mobile App + Generating Revenue Via Mobile Apps For Your Brand or Business Would you like to add another revenue stream for your business or brand? Ever thought about creating your very own mobile branded app? Well, here’s your opportunity to do both, generate revenue and create your very own mobile app. Join our workshop on Saturday August 24th and learn everything about mobile apps including: why you should create an app, the benefits, how to launch and market, how to leverage your app to attract partners, building an online community, advantages of having a mobile marketing channel, how to leverage your data and analytics, plus more. Leave our workshop with a better understanding of the mobile app space and allow us to create your app #PoweredByVersl. Be the first, if not only, in your industry with their very own mobile app.

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